5 Reasons you should get your Braid License

Have you thought about the benefits of having your braid license?

As simple as hair braiding may seem, its important to understand the safety and sanitation of styling someones hair. The Braid License Course does not teach you techniques but rather goes over some lectures like diseases & disorders, HIV, scalp health, laws and rules of cosmetology, and so much more.

Once you review the course you will be aware of hair braiding practices and what to avoid when it comes time to braid your clients hair.

Below we have listed the top 5 reasons why you would want to be licensed as a Professional Hair Stylist, Mom, or Student.At Ross Beauty Academy we make getting your braid license simple by completing everything online at your own pace instead of attending a class.  

Reason #1
The hair industry is a billion dollar industry and only growing in numbers. Start your career as a hairstylist/braider 
Reason #2
Pass down the skill to your teenage family member. Anyone 16+ can be licensed
Reason #3
Don't get fined for not being licensed. Consequences could result in you paying a costly fine & never being able to get your braid license
Reason #4
Being Licensed allows you to work in a hair salon, barbershop, or open your own
Reason #5
Being a Licensed Stylist allows you to be an entrepreneur and set your own schedule


 Ross Beauty Academy makes the process of getting licensed simple by allowing the course to be completed online at your own pace instead of a classroom setting. If you are 16+ and a resident of Florida or Minnesota, click this link to get more information about our Board of Cosmetology Approved Online Braid Licenses.

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