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4-Hour FL Initial HIV/AIDS Online Course

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This course will fulfill the Board of Cosmetologist Examiners 4-Hour FL Initial HIV/AIDS Online Course services in Florida. 

Objectives: Subjects covered will be the health, safety and sanitation relating to HIV/AIDS in the State of Florida.

Completion: You will have 30 days to complete this course. 

Assessment: All assessments must be completed prior to certificate

Step 1) Purchase the Course and the 4-Hour FL  Initial HIV/AIDS Online Course will be emailed to you in PDF form within 24 Hours of purchase. You will be directed to our payment form where you will make your course fee payment by credit or debit card ONLY.

Step 2) To begin the course open the course pdf file attached to your email. When the course pdf opens read each of the training sections carefully. After you have covered all sections of the course material and you understand the course information you can begin the online quiz which will be emailed to you upon confirmation.

Step 3) Take the Quiz. If you do not pass the online quiz you can repeat the quiz with out any additional charge. YOU NEED A MINIMUM OF A 70% SCORE TO PASS THE ONLINE QUIZ.

Step 4) Once you pass your quiz,  you will be directed to the web page where you will be able to print your certificate of course completion for this course. That certificate is what you need to apply for a HIV/AIDS license through the state of Florida. The course certificate must be included with your application for board registration that you will complete and send to the Florida Board of Cosmetology along with a $25 fee.

The certificate is proof that you completed the required registration course that we offer on this web page.

Step 5) When we get that information we will process your records and then send you an email notifying you that we successfully processed your records. In that email we provide you the link that will open the application on the web site so you don't need to search all over the place for the application. We make it simple and convenient for you.


We have been approved by the Florida Board of Cosmetology to offer the 4-Hour FL Initial HIV/AIDS Online Course. Course details are as follows:

Provider Name: Ross Beauty Academy
Course Type: 4-Hour FL  Initial HIV/AIDS Online Course
Course Length: 4 hours
Location: Online course only
Format: Online course

Your approval of this course is ongoing and was granted under FL Statute

The course information has been posted on the 4-Hour FL Initial HIV/AIDS Online Course Provider List on DBPR.