Yonetta Francis reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star

If your wondering, is this class worth it? Beginner or advance, the answer without a doubt is YES!! I don't regret attending RBA boot camp and neither would you!


Hynees Garcia reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star

I took the beginners class two weeks ago and I loved it...she was very detailed, took her time explaining it to everyone as they needed, she was also very sweet and personable. Can’t wait to take the next intermediate class available after this one.


Marie Cherie On Top reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star

Ross Beauty Academy Was An Investment In Myself I Won’t Forget. Amber Gave Good Instructions Which Made Learning To Do The Braids That I Didnt Know How To Do Very Easy. This Experience Was A1 And All Worth It

P Skip Kuts reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star

Amber was a great big help I went in from watching YouTube videos now I can make my own... hahaha But I took the Natural hair boot camp taught by Amber who was a very experienced and hands on teacher had everyone getting it down within the first 10 mins. Braiding 101 right here, and I already started puttin my new skills to work at the barbershop I work at VIB Barbershop oh yeah and I’m glad to be her 1st ever male student to actually show up and do work! Thank you again!

Sheneice Walker reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star
May 22 at 5:49pm · 

I took the natural hair and braiding bootcamp class. I really enjoyed it it was very Hands-On the instructor was wonderful very positive and inviting atmosphere. I will highly recommend this class to anyone the services are great. I look forward to taking another class.

Jade Samaria Rutherford reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star
May 21 at 6:29pm · 

I really enjoyed this class! I was already a licensed cosmetologist coming in but learning the new techniques of the modern day styles made me feel more confident in my business when doing braids now and they were very professional and informational! Thank you for everything guys!! I'm looking forward to the sewing boot camp!

Latrese Ashley reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star
May 21 at 5:41pm · 

I took the Natural hair and braids bootcamp May19-21 and Ms.Amber is an AWESOME instructor she's extremely patient, motivating and determined to help you succeed. I was skeptical at first of the class but we learned ALOT and she makes sure you fully understand the concept and know how to do the look you are trying to achieve before you leave her class. I love it and I HIGHLY recommend it. Best investment I made in a long time! I will be trying to attend the sew-in class!

Arielle Roberts reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star
May 8 at 9:20am · 

The Ross Beauty Academy was a wonderful experience! I flew all the way from Albany, NY, because a beginners hair braiding course was not offered anywhere around me (not even NYC, and if it was offered it was extremely costly). At first when I saw that the class was only two days I was hesitant. I just could not wrap my head around the fact that Amber could teach us how to braid in two days; BUT of course she did, and she did a FANTASTIC JOB.

As a hairstylist, it is hard to find people who are willing to teach you or walk you through things slowly; and Amber did that. I walked in not even knowing how to braid, and walked out with the confidence to know how to braid properly, while also using the feed-in braid technique. I am looking forward to taking the Ross Beauty Academy weaving class, as I continue to perfect my braiding skills even more.

Thank you Amber for your willingness to teach us! You're truly a blessing! And the class was well worth the money!!!!

Also, a big shout out to my class! We learned and we conquered!!!!!

Andrea Hendley reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star
May 7 at 11:12pm · 

This was an amazing experience for me, I strongly recommend this school to anyone no matter what level of skill you do or don't have. You will learn!

Tootiee Jack reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star
March 13 · 
Beatrice Cutley reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star
February 24 · 

This was the best class ever Amber was a awesome teacher the hands-on was excellent and I will tell anyone to go to the class and I enjoyed the ladies in the class.

Alexis Knight reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star

I had fun during the session the class was simple and sweet,instructor was nice and encouraging, and I've learned lots of new things.

If you are looking for a school that has great teachers and curriculum accompanied with confidence building and camaraderie RBA is it! These ladies are not only talented instructors but have heart. They want you to leave the boot camp achieving your goals you set when enrolling. That is exactly what happens and more. An Intimate setting, with low student teacher ratio, gives each student the opportunity receive one on one quality critique and instruction throughout the boot camp. Amber and Mel are wonderful their unique training style allows you to attain the proper technique within your range of capabilities. It doesn’t matter if you have no experience or are looking to improve/expand on your skills….. I would recommend wisely investing in education with Ross Beauty Academy!!!!
Thank you ladies!!

Nefertiti Gwen reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star

This class was everything! I went in not knowing how to do a basic cornrow, and now I know how to and so much more!

I went in only wanting to know the bare minimum so I could do my family's hair, but I've been inspired to take my new craft higher than what I thought was possible for me. Amber and Mel are so wonderful.

They are patient, kind, funny and down to earth. Most importantly, they know how to teach and make it fun.

The classes are small and intimate; this allowed us to all have that one on one approach that we needed to perfect our learned techniques. Leaving the Beginner's Bootcamp was bittersweet;

I didn't want to leave. I'll miss my classmates; we had a ball! But not to worry, we'll meet again at the Intermediate Bootcamp.

I can't wait! Thank you, Amber. Thank you, Mel. Thank you for making all of this possible.

Tiff reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star
Excellent investment! A wealth of information! Very professional environment.
Jackie reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star
I just completed the 3 day boot camp and it was worth every dime. I have learned so much. Everyone that attended was so sweet! Today was my birthday and I was surprised with nice balloon, card and gift from the class. It was just a blessing!
Tia Tee reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star
January 23rd, 2017 
The class was awesome! Very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Instructor was very skilled and patient . She was hands on with each individual and ensured we all grasped the concepts before moving on! I am excited about the future plans of the school and encourage anyone wishing to become more advanced in braiding to definitely consider this course! You not only learn braid techniques but salon prep and professionalism. It is well worth the time and money!
Latricia reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star
 I completed the 3 day boot camp today. I was truly blessed by the instructor Amber. She is so knowledgeable and hands on. No matter what question or how many times you request her help in learning a technique she stops & takes her time explaining or showing you with a smile. The atmosphere was relaxed and non intimidating. My classmates & I felt comfortable asking questions & encouraging each other every step of the way.
Thank you Amber & Mel for a great experience and skill sets I will have for a life time. Keep up the good work! I cant wait to put these skills to work. �
Latoya H.
I am sooo thankful for this opportunity to get these fingers up to date, with one of the best classes I've encountered. All the years of trying to find a braiding class that jus focuses on BRAIDS, and the teaching of different braiding techniques. God placed this company. ROSS BEAUTY ACADEMY right in my pathway and i couldn't be more thankful. This academy has taken me to new heights from things I already had knowledge of to brand new ventures. The instructor Amber Nichole is an amazing teacher, she's patient, kind, willing and a great motivator. The hands on/live model tactic was very useful. I learned so much while attending the classes. My classmates were great we got along greatly. My favorite part was how loving, helpful, blessed, fun, and bonding the atmosphere was. I will most definitely recommend RBA to those who want to learn about or more about braids and natural hair, this opportunity was well worth the price. Thank you ladies
Bridgett reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star
I can honestly say that learned a lot during my 6 sessions. I've tried learning from YouTube videos in the past, but some weren't detailed enough. Amber is an excellent teacher and has enough patience to deal with a beginner like me lol.
Martha reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star

I took this class in August and it was very fundamental for me learned new skills in doing things ive taught i had known , the teachers are amazing, and the students oh well we had a ball ,Thanks to the lovely teachers of Ross Beauty Academy for taking the time out to help those who needs to polish their skills and master their arts love you all.

Lauren reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star
August 28 ·

I love y'all they are awesome I have learned a lot they are patient with you just know I will book again thank ladies

Kelly  with Lateshia  
I am so excited! Myself and Lateshia Fudge have completed our 3 day braiding bootcamp with Ross Beauty Academy! Our instructor Amber Nichole was Awesome! She taught us so much in three days from braiding techniques, to doing sew ins. She was professional, informative, and patient. We had one on one attention, she answered all questions that we needed to know. Not only did we learn how to braid, but her business partner Mel taught us about marketing and branding. If you want to learn how to braid, whether you already know or are a new braider I recommend them. I go back on two weeks to take my test to be licensed, I mean a real license! I am so excited! Your never to old to go after your dreams! #WEDIDIT#MONEYHEREWECOME #FUTUREBOSS
My sis got my technique right! THIS IS MY FIRST SEW-IN! Amazed myself lol Amber Nichole #rossbeautyacademy
I did my mother's short kinky twist I must say so I did pretty good job thanks to @rossbeautyacademy for my training you rock?
MsTerri reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star
I loved taking this class. Not only did they show me different techniques, better ways to do styles and gave me great marketing tips. They helped me push myself to put myself out there and use the talent I had. Always hands on and made sure we got the techniques down. I can't thank them enough and glad there is a program out there that can help those who already are skilled and want to touch up or for those who want to learn the basics then advance.
Braidsby Nikki reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star
August 29 ·
I attended the August boot camp and I was very pleased with the Instructors. They are professional, patient and they want each student to be successful. Amber will not let you leave her class not knowing how to do each style she taught you that day and Mel is the Marketing truth! Please don't be afraid t ask questions. Ask 100 questions if you want, they will answer all of them and will give you several variations about how to make that money! Even if you know how to braid, there's always room for improvement. I learned three different techniques for several brading styles and I learned sooooo much about natural hair care. The education I received was worth more than what I paid for and I attended all three days! The class was amazing!
Michelle reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star
Deborah  reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star
August 14 ·
I was very impressed with Ross hands on class room setting . They are very professional with expert teaching skills ! What sets them apart from the rest is their personal concerns for every student and the time and care that goes into teaching each student ! Their teaching skills are PHENOMENAL !
Windy  reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star
Caressa  reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star
August 2 ·
My experience was amazing!!! I was able to learn so much from this program in just one day. I was unable to attend the full workshop( I work and go to school), however, I got more than I bargained for, for sure!! At the end of my courses. I was completely beside myself in pure joy! I learned how to properly cornrow, faux dreads, add extensions,twist and do popular styles as well. Amber and Shannon really took the time to provide a surperb quality curriculum and ensure I knew what I was doing and also that I was comfortable and still check up on me.. Lets not forget you go home with a kit and almost 200 pages of "how-to". I was really concerned about spending extra money and not getting my money's worth. I WAS SOOOOO WRONG. I will be continuing my journey into learning everything Ross Beauty Academy offers. I can tell you, you will not receive more individualized attention at any place not to mention I don't even know of another school that offers intensive training like Ross Beauty Academy has. I am FOREVER grateful, I now have the skills to make additional income in which once learned could never be taken away! THANK YOU @ROSS BEAUTY ACADEMY!!!!
Wakeena  reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star
June 21 ·
Taylor  reviewed Ross Beauty Academy — 5 star
June 20 ·

I just met and spoke with the owner, very knowledgeable and professional. l am very excited about my new earning potential. I cant wait to start class. #FEELING EXCITED


Martha -Attended August Bootcamp

Scalp braiding in fine style , come on ppl you wont regret taking this class , even if you know it refreshes your knowledge and enhance the old way of doing things to the new way . I sure learn a lot and had fun