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Grow Your Clientele & Income Course

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This program is for ALL types of Salon Professionals who are looking to grow as entrepreneurs, get more clients, and increase income.

Take your business as a Salon Professional to the next level! Let Us Teach You How To: Build your Portfolio, Price Services, Gain Social Media Presence, Market & Brand Yourself, and Much More!

Are you tired of chasing down clients? Take our Grow Your Clientele & Income course and new clients will be running to you, cash in hand! 

Knowing how to provide salon services is great, but if no one knows who you are,  your skills will go to waste and you won't make money.

The best thing you can do to grow your clients is understand who they are and how to deliver an exceptional customer experience for them. They will become repeat clients, buy your products, refer their friends/family, and tip you better. One of the secrets is to learn how to build great relationships.

We will give you all of the secrets that we've learned being successful salon professionals for over 15 years.

We are excited to show you our foolproof system that we used on our business to gain thousands of new customers. Not stopping there, we wanted to make sure it could be replicated to create and grow multiple businesses. This exact formula also helped us sell hundreds of products within 30 days of starting a new company! The best part about this program is it requires very minimum to no startup cost. 

Make an investment in yourself to get the knowledge you need and fully live the life you want!

The 3-Part Series includes:

 Part I: How to Get More Customers by Reaching Your Target Audience & Building Your Portfolio
Part II: Executing Client Consultations, Pricing, & the Importance of Setting Goals

Part III: How to Build Your Brand, Social Media Presence, & Marketing


After this program you will be able to:

  • Understand the Beauty Industry
  • Build Your Portfolio
  • Determine Your Target Audience
  • Execute Client Consultations
  • Price Your Services
  • Expand Your services
  • Learn the Important of Setting Goals
  • Give a Customer Experience that will Gain you Repeat Clients
  • Use Social Media Platforms
  • Brand Yourself
  • Monetize Your Brand
  • Market Yourself 
  • Increase Your Income by Charging Your Worth
  • and Much More!

What's Included in this Program?

✅ Immediate Access to the Online Course from your computer, tablet, or phone

✅ Slideshow Presentation of Part I-Part III with a Live Instructor

✅ Over (50) Modules that breakdown each section

Downloadable Content & Resources

✅ (9) Worksheets & (15) Assignments to keep you on track

✅ 30 Day Things to Do List

✅ Content Plan Calendar to Organize Your Social Accounts

✅ Access to our Private Facebook Group for like minded Salon Professionals

✅ FREE Guidance, Advice, and Tips Personalized to your business for 30 Days


Add-on a 2022 Weekly Appointment Book/Planner for + $15 + FREE Shipping! 

Burnt Orange|  2022 Weekly Appointment Book/Planner | 53 Weeks Daily Hourly Planner Organizer, 15-Minute Increments, Flexible Soft Cover, Twin-Wire Binding, 8.5" x 10.85"