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Mix & Match Any 2 for $20

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Mix & Match Any 2 GROW Products for only $20! See Your options below:

No Alcohol, Sulfates, Mineral Oil, Parabens, Or Artificial Dyes, EVER!
(1) 8oz. Natural Twist N Loc Gel
This combo is for Natural Coiled, Curly or Wavy hair types. This light formula will not weigh down or cause build up in locs or hair.

 Description: Infused with 100% natural Aloe Vera Gel and oil to moisturize and seal hair. Light enough for hair to take on its natural curl or wave pattern. Perfect for all hair types.

Recommendations: For locs, twist, twist out, braids, edges and detangling hair. Use as needed apply to wet hair. section hair use small amout per section comb
from roots to end. Can use as detangler before blow drying hair.

(1) 4oz. Essential Oil Moisturizer

For Extra Dry Hair & Skin
This Oil Promotes Restoring of Damaged Hair Follicles. Adds Moisture & Sheen

Description: This all-natural concoction promotes restoring of damaged skin and hair follicles. Provides skin and hair with a deep conditioning to replenish moisture, strengthen, repair, and stimulate hair growth.

Recommendations: Perfect for dry, dehydrated, thinning, or brittle hair. Use once a week,  preferably overnight.  Section hair and apply to wet hair, massaging from roots to ends, combing with wide-tooth comb. Cover with silk bonnet. May be used as hot oil treatment/dryer treatment.


(1) 4oz. Daily Moisturizer Hair Mist

Formulated to Prevent Dry, Brittle Hair, Split Ends, or Itchy Dandruff Scalp. Perfect for all hair types. Use daily for to keep hair Moisturized & Hydrated.

Description: This daily leave in moisturizer spray will coat hair follicles, seal hair ends, strengthen, moisturize, shine, and make hair smoother for less frizz. Replaces moisture loss from day to day activities. This
formula is lightweight and perfect for daily sheen and daily maintenance.

Recommendations: For Locs, Twist, Twist Outs, Braids, Edges and Detangling hair. Use as needed apply to wet hair. Section hair use small amount per section. Comb from roots to end. Can use as detangler before blow drying hair.